Sparkle to Success 8 week Classes; Learn my top trauma release methods



Please watch the link below to hear how people felt about the training.

Sparkle to Success is now online and live including the same content but from the comfort of your own home.  It is run by zoom technology which is free for you to install on your PC.  Earphones are recommended to cut out static.

These 8 week live online classes allow you to learn my favorite processes that I have been teaching for years and use daily with my clients.

These processes were created many years ago to help people to heal trauma and PTSD.  I noticed that each one of my clients started to create amazing lives from releasing their trauma. Hence Sparkle to Success was born.

Each week you will learn one of my processes and then come back the next week to discuss how you got on, what you experienced and cleared for yourself within the group.  I support you and guide you through each week making sure you know exactly how to do the process. The sessions are recorded and sent to you after the live session classes. You will have a downloadable manual with the written version of the processes too.   You will also have worksheets to use for your convenience, these are not compulsory but you might find them helpful.

What to expect from these classes;  More success, clearer mind, better relationships, happier life and much more.

Some questions for you to ask yourself.

Would you like to create more success in your life?

Would you like to clear those energy blocks/trauma that restrict you from creating the life you deserve?

Would you like to be fully in alignment with your mission?

Would you like to have the skills to help your friends, family and clients do the same?

Learn to use these processes to add to your practice and use for yourself to create an amazing life.  These processes are powerful and help you get to the heart and soul of the energy block without needing to know anything.  They have been given to me to help you to raise your energy and vibration allowing you to be more fully in alignment with your mission.

1.Earth Star Soul Star- reconnecting, grounding and asking for guidance. Daily practice.

2.Emotional Wall- let your inner child show you the first time you felt afraid and disconnected.

3.Colour Energy Clearing- Using colour to access and clear unwanted emotions. Chart included.

4. Cutting cords, forgiveness- Healing first relationships with family members. Can be used for any relationships.

5.Time Travelling and Healing Hearts- Inner child process to access a memory, heal and integrate into your heart.

6.Projector Process- accessing using colour and feeling and projecting it to see clearly. Healing this part of you, reclaiming your power.

7.Higher Self Mirror- Go on a journey with your higher self and find out what is in store for your mission.

8. Bringing the processes all together, how to use them with others, questions, answers, messages for you from my guides for you and much much more.


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